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Appearance on The Space Show, January 19, 2015

NASA SSERVI Shoemaker Award Lecture July 21, 2014  video  charts

Presentation at George C. Marshall Institute, March 25 2014  video  charts

Human Spaceflight: Why and How? (submission to NAS Human Spaceflight Study, June 2013)

Testimony to House Space Subcommittee, May 2013   Video of hearing (YouTube, download 266 Mb)

Cislunar Space Next web site (article: Develop Cislunar Space Next)  Rationale for Cislunar Space

Using the Resources of the Moon to Create a Permanent Cislunar Space Faring System (Space 2011) 

The Moon: Port of Entry to Cislunar Space

The New Space Race (SpaceRef, Feb. 2010)

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