Spudis Lunar Resources



NASA SSERVI 2014 Shoemaker Award Lecture  video  slides

ISDC 2011 Space Pioneer Award Lecture  VIDEO

The Moon: Port of Entry to Cislunar Space, Space Power Theory, National Defense University, 2010 (PDF; 160 Kb)


Return to the Moon: What, Why, How and When, April 2010 (PDF; 5.8 Mb)


A New Light on the Moon (LPI Cosmic Explorations, April 2009 (PDF; 5.3 Mb)


India Aims for the Moon (Air and Space magazine; Oct. 2008 (PDF, 330 Kb)

Field Geology on the Moon (Geol. Society America Annual Meeting) (PDF; 2.8 Mb)


Presentation to NASA Lunar Science Conference, July 21, 2008 (PDF; 2 Mb)


Comparison of lunar orbital mission instruments and data 1994-2008 (PDF; 50 Kb)


Scientific Contributions of Lunar Robotic Precursor Missions, LEAG Meeting, Oct. 2007 (PDF; 2.5 Mb)


The Moon: Our Next Destination in Space, Presentation at NASA JSC, Sept. 2007 (PDF; 9 Mb)

The Strategic Context of the Moon (Cremins and Spudis,  Astropolitics, 2007)


Presentations to the Workshop on Science Associated with the Lunar Exploration Architecture, Feb. 2007


The Lunar Environment: Asset or Liability? Astrophysics from the Moon, Nov 2006 (PDF; 7 Mb)


Ice on the Moon, Space Review, Nov 6 2006


Presentation at Space Soon Conference, London UK Sept 2006 (PDF; 4.7 Mb)


Strategic Value of robotic polar exploration within a VSE Architectural Context (APL White paper, April, 2006)


Exploration and Science: The Role of the Moon, Feb. 2005 (PDF; 200 Kb)


The Moon and the New Presidential Space Vision - NIAC Annual Meeting, Seattle WA Oct 2004 (PDF; 2.7 Mb)

The Vision and the Mission, Apr 2004 (PDF; 300 Kb)

Clementine Ice on the Moon Press Conference, December 1996 (PDF; 180 kb)

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