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Interview posted at NASA Solar System Exploration web site, 2 July 2014

Appearance on The Space Show, Jan. 26 2014

The Front Burner: Return to Moon will better advance planetary missions (Orlando Sentinel op-ed, May 31, 2013)

Testimony to House Space Subcommittee, May 2013

Appearance on The Space Show, October 19, 2012

Appearance on "The Space Show," June 24, 2012


Develop Cislunar Space Next (Aerospace America, June 2012)


Appearance on "The Space Show," October 24, 2011


Appearance on "The Space Show," April 3, 2011


Appearance on "The Space Show," January 16, 2011


NASA's Mission to Nowhere (Spudis and Zubrin, May 31 2010) (PDF; 100 Kb)


Appearance on "The Space Show," March 21, 2010


The New Space Race (SpaceRef, Feb. 2010)  (PDF; 120 Kb)


Appearance on NPR Science Friday, October 16, 2009 


Objectives Before Architectures - Strategies Before Tactics (SpaceRef, Sept. 2009) (PDF 150 Kb)


Appearance on "The Space Show," July 27, 2009 


The Moon and the Vision for Space Exploration (New Space, 2009) PDF; 1.5 Mb

Going Beyond the Status Quo in Space (SpaceRef, June 28, 2009) PDF; 250 Kb

Presentation at Moon-Mars Forum, Hampton VA March 2009 (PDF; 4 Mb)


The Vison for Space Exploration: Quo Vadimus? (ISDC, May 2007) PDF, 1.2 Mb


Appearance on "The Space Show," April 6, 2007


A Moon Full Of Opportunity (The Space Review, Jan 22, 2007)


Life on the Moon – Radio appearance on "On Point" with Tom Ashbrook, NPR, Dec 11 2006


Interview with “Out of the Cradle” web site, Feb 2006


Book Review (Return to the Moon by Harrison H. Schmitt, American Scientist, May-June 2006)


Why we're going back to the Moon (Washington Post Dec 2005)

Comments at last Aldridge Commission meeting, New York, June 2004

The Space Program and the Meaning of Life (unpublished op-ed, August 2004)


House Testimony (Apr 1 2004)


A Golden Frontier (Washington Times Dec 2003)


Senate Testimony (Nov 6, 2003)


Scientist Profile, Earth and Sky web site, January, 2003


Next, Go Back to the Moon, (space.com March 2000)


Apollo: An American Victory in the Cold War (unpublished op-ed, July 1999)




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